First whoopsy

Today (day 5) I had my first slip up.

I did 2 classes today and was absolutely exhausted when I got home. I saw it sitting there and I just knew I had to have it… as I opened the container the smell was so intoxicating and delightful… then I did the unimaginable! I ate 3!! I couldn’t believe it afterwards. The worst part… I didn’t even feel that guilty…

So here is my confession…

Week 1, day 5 of the 12wbt… I ate 3 freckles.

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I finished round 2 last year and thought I would give it a crack on my own. I did ok. I still exercised daily, because – well, I really enjoy it now!! But I didn’t lose any more weight. I stayed floating around the same weight until now.

Christmas and New Year I gained a few kgs as I was exercising less and eating more. So I decided to do round 1 2014. I am totally pumped to lose the last of my kgs! It makes me feel amazingly motivated knowing that there are so many people out there who are also doing this with me.

My start weight was 78.2 and my first weigh in (2 days later) is 76.8. Gotta say, im pretty happy with that! 1.4kg in 2 days. I know it is water weight, but it also proves just how detrimental my eating habits were to my body and my weight.

My goals this round are to lose the final 10-15kgs. Build the muscles in arms, build the muscle in my legs and tone my ass! My belly will be my major problem this round, the extra flab I carry at the bottom of my belly after my kiddies is a real problem and I can see that it will take me much longer than 12 weeks to fix that.

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12WBT End Results – with pics (EEEEKKK!!)

Well.. aren’t I not very good at keeping up to date?!!?

SO.. the 12wbt is over. I have not quite made it to my goal weight, but only being 2kg off it, im pretty damn happy with my results.

My final results for round 2 are:
Start weight 88.4
End weight 77.3
total loss of 11.1kg!

I have lost 43.5cms from various parts of my body. I have beaten my time trial, push ups, plank and sit and reach.. and I have discovered a lot about myself, on many levels.

I have learnt that I am physically stronger than I ever give myself credit for, even now! I still catch myself doubting if I am capable, I guess now the difference is that I can recognise that negative thought pattern and get rid of it as quick as it comes!

I have learnt that essentially, im a lazy person. Im not the type of person who WANTS to move all day. I just don’t. So I have to be especially careful with my diet.

I have also learnt thou, that with the right support, I do actually enjoy exercising.. even if it is just for an hour a day. I do like going to gym classes, and I do like to run (not that I run very far, or very fast lol), I may not be that person who goes to the gym 2 or 3 times a day, but at least knowing im committed to going to classes with certain instructors, im less likely to let my excuses creap in.

I have learnt that seeing the results for myself far outweighs any compliment I receive. I realise this may sound twisted, but I often doubt other people. I do not know if they truly mean what they say, or if they are only saying it because they know im doing the 12wbt. BUT.. when I look in the mirror or at photos and I can see a clear difference, it feels great. I know how much hard work I have put in, and I know that I have achieved these changes on my own.

And finally, I have learnt that I can do this. All of my excuses that I used to use.. well they really just are pathetic. I mean its too cold?? Really? Lol…


So for various reasons, I have decided that I will not sign up to round 3 (spewing now too because the finale is in Sydney!!) but I have instead invested in 10 weeks of personal training sessions! I had my first last week and nearly vomited! Holy Moly they work you hard!!!! I will also take part in the 12 week challenge that my gym is organising starting in September 🙂

I have also gone back to uni in the past month. It is hard work studying full time and looking after a 5 month old baby. I really didn’t think that thru very well did I.. but I am coping OK for now. Still aiming for HD’s.. not sure ill manage that this time round, but that is yet to be seen.

My partner and I are taking our kids up to QLD next weekend. I cant wait to head out on the Goldcoast.. showing off my new body that I FINALLY feel comfortable in! I know i still have a ways to go.. but this is the closest to healthy I have been in years! And it feels good. So I may not be seen in a bikini.. but I will certainly be seen out and about, standing tall and looking fine!

Finally.. on the 1st September I will be doing my first ever fun run. I have signed up to the 5K run, and am hoping I will be able to run at least half of it! I will dedicate this run to my mum.. she passed away on the 1st September 1997,and while 16 years is a lifetime ago, this is the first thing I have ever done that I am truly proud of. Something that I can dedicate to her. Because it would just be weird to dedicate giving birth lol

So without further delay.. here are my before and after pics. I cannot believe the change I see in my body. I cant believe that it is my own work and dedication that has made that happen – how truly remarkable is the human mind and body when you want to achieve something!

Before after 12wbt

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Im living in the 70’s

YES! After a disappointing weigh in on Wednesday.. not sure what happened, but I gained weight.. I have been anxiously weighing myself every morning (yes I know I shouldn’t) but today FINALLY I have cracked the 80kg mark. I had been hoping for this on Wednesday but it wasn’t to be…anyway thismorning the blessed scales said 79.8! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Happy dancing today!

On another note, yesterday I decided to go for a run. Partly coz I felt like I needed to after I hadn’t exercised for 2 days due to sickness, and partly because I had the shits and it sounded like a good release… well im fitter than I had thought. Im still a long way off my goal of running for a full 5ks, but I did run for 2!! Yay go me haha

By casspurkiss

Ive been a bit slack updating in here. I guess I need to work on that.

I took some progress photos yesterday. I have now reached my 10kg goal (from taking the first lot of photos that is) from 90kg to 80kg.. 20 to go!! haha

before photos 210320135

I am happy to see I can finally see the results of my hard work. I must admit that I still don’t see it when I look in the mirror, but the photos are very encouraging.

It is week 7 of the 12wbt, and I have lost 7.5kg since the beginning of the challenge and 8.5%. My BMI is now sitting at 30.1 and next week I will no longer be technically obese!! I will be in the overweight category. I am not sure how long it has been since I was weighing in with a number starting with a 7 (at least 2 years!), but I am determined for that to happen next week!!

I am feeling really good at the moment. Im in a good headspace, and I am feeling fitter and stronger! Bring on the next week!

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Why I love my town

Today Lincoln had his 4 month needles, so I didn’t make it to the gym. I decided that seen as how it was a nice day, I would take him out for a walk at the zoo.

And this is why I love Dubbo…


Me at the Giraffe’s

Lincoln zoo

Lincoln in his pram enjoying being out and about.


The Przewalski Horse

Lincoln - zebras

Lincoln at the Zebra’s

Lincoln zoo 2

Smiley baby!


I am so lucky to be able to just drive around the corner and be able to walk around this amazing zoo – and as a zoo friend, I do this for free!

Next time ill have to remember to take my camera.. my phone takes terrible pictures!


Time to make some dinner 🙂

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Organisation really is key

This week I wasn’t as prepared as I have been to date. I didn’t do the full weeks shop like I normally would because my partner and kids were with me, with the intention of going another day to finish it, which of course never happened.

So this week instead of being organised with my meals, I was back to old habits by Thursday of wondering what we would do for dinner. While I was still able to prepare healthy meals from the MB menu, simply because I had most of the ingredients on hand, I learnt a very valuable lesson, that being organised from the get go is essential.

I didn’t like being unsure of how my day would end and I wont be letting that happen again.

I also firmly believe that it cost me more money this week too, because I didn’t have everything here every day, I visited the shops more often, and in turn bought other stuff that I wouldn’t have bought if I had done everything at the beginning of the week. Its like a never ending cycle!

Anyways.. tomorrow is a new day and new week and im going to rock out week 6!!

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Time to be brave

So here we are at the beginning of week 5… a full 4 weeks have passed and I have some progress photos to share (eek!!)
I must remember next time not to use the flash because the shadow makes me look bigger!

My results so far:
25.5cm gone
4.7kgs gone
5.3% weight loss

I am still in the obese category, but I can see the overweight line now!

Here are my pics. I cant really see much of a difference yet, but I know I feel fitter, stronger & just better.. and I know the results are there so ill see them soon.

Please excuse the underwear! im not buying nice stuff (or a bikini) til im smaller.

before photos 210320132

before photos 210320133

before photos 210320134

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Back in the right headspace.

After my poor darling child being sick all week I have managed to get myself into quite a dark headspace. I had not been able to exercise or even be able to cook the food for a couple of nights (due to bub not going to sleep without being in my arms). Being restricted in what I could do really made me realise how easy it would be to slip back into old routines. While I kept at it as best I could. I could also feel the excuses returning. I could feel the old me surfacing. The old me who was unfit, unhealthy and unhappy.

Well that is not the person I want to be. It is not the person I am. And it is not the person I will be in the future. I live my life choosing my attitude. And I choose to be happy and positive and enthusiastic. I choose to take the bad days with the good and know that while they suck at the time, they are just a speedbump in a very long journey. So while I can acknowledge that they happen and at times like those that I have just been thru, I just have to roll with it and accept it for what it is.. but when I can, I need to move on.

Today my bub is a little bit better. And I was actually able to put him down without him screaming (yay!) So I decided that I would do what I can exercise wise. I put on a Michelle Bridges DVD and got 25 minutes thru it before he started really crying hard. So instead of giving up I carried him outside and while he looked around, I did some step ups (with him in my arms was hard work.. he and I combined is me at my starting weight). Once he had settled, I went back in and was able to finish the DVD workout 🙂

I didn’t get to do the whole 1000 calories today, but I did burn 550.. which was pretty good all things considered.

So that’s me for the day. Im feeling much more positive. I feel much more organised now that I am able to do stuff.. like cook and exercise.

Tomorrow I have some photos to take!! Need to update my progress photos.

By casspurkiss

Rollercoaster Ride

Today I feel stressed, deflated and defeated.

After spending all day holding my baby who went from sleeping to waking crying, to coughing, to crying, to eating, to pooping, back to sleep.. I made dinner, which was disgusting. Then my man was really just nasty. Wouldn’t help me with bub. Demanded that I clean the kitchen so we could bath him, then when I was almost done goes and gets bub undressed for his bath so I had to stop cleaning and then sort the baby out.. Then when my eldest wanted to go to bed he wouldn’t take him to bed. He wanted to watch the footy show.. while I was still nursing a sick baby..

I know the house is suffering at the moment. I know I am a shithouse housewife (not that he will ever make me his wife, because im just not good enough for that!) But I am trying. I am trying to do everything. I am trying to care for the kids (1 of which is incredibly sick at the moment). I am trying to care for myself. I am trying to exercise and cook healthy meals. But somethings gotta give. I just am not coping with all of this.

I just feel like I am not worth it at the moment. Perhaps it would be easier for me to just crawl back into the hole I came from.

By casspurkiss